AMEB, CPA and HSC Examinations;
Janice is reluctant to allow her students to sing in examinations unless they are well prepared and understand the full requirements of such valuable work. Pieces are carefully chosen for each voice category, with scales, aural training and viva voce carried out at weekly minimum one hour lessons. She has several experts (repetiteurs, language coaches, musicologists  etc.) with whom she works to ensure each student is fully capable of receiving  high marks. Her students have received Honours and Distinction after studying two grades per year for AMEB and she encourages all to continue to A.Mus.A. level and beyond.
Audition songs are carefully chosen with sound advice on audition etiquette and procedure. She has professional performers and singer song writers who work on performance and presentation skills including microphone technique, patter and stage movement.

Janice's 20 years with Australian Opera (now Opera Australia) have influenced her teaching. So.... Whether it be opera, both standard and lesser known works, classical repertoire, Baroque, Romantic, and pre 16th century. Also, whether it be 19th century musicals from Gershwin to Lloyd Webber, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter to Sondheim, Schonberg, also Gilbert & Sullivan, Janice has an extensive library and knowledge of the musicals. All styles of singing have been explored and studied. In addition she is Consultant to the Talent Development Project...where young rising stars of the Pop and country world are nurtured; she is on first name terms with many of Australia's leading conductors, singers, performers and musical directors and thus is able to guide, transform and direct students to a wide variety of areas for experience and performance opportunities.

Singing  Teachers
Over the past 10 years Janice has trained and/or given advice to several neophyte and experienced singing teachers to help upgrade their skills. She encourages time spent in the studio observing her teaching skills, or suggests other teachers with requisite skills. Her library of videos, possibly the best in Australia, books and audio material have assisted their understanding of voice in all its parameters. Her wide experience of the Voice Fraternity both nationally and internationally allows her to guide newcomers to the art of teaching to valuable courses and associations throughout Australia and overseas.
Janice is in constant demand to lecture at workshops, seminars and courses on voice. She has presented workshop for The Talent Development Project, The Music Teachers Association of NSW, The Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing, Hillsong, The Sydney Harmony Chorus and several contemporary church  groups.
Remedial Work
There is always the possibility of an overworked throat and thus the need for advice re "what to do." Janice is well informed re the medical profession and the most informed doctors interested in singers who work with sympathetic voice and speech therapists and specialists. Janice is frequently called upon to advise singers and professional voice users where to get help for pathological voice disorders and she has assisted such singers to a reliable outcome after surgery or medical advice.

Over the past 20 years Janice has organised several events with a number of themes. Renowned for her organisation of tight, well run and detailed planning she has run conferences on classical voice; vocal pedagogy; science of the singing voice; music theatre voice; music theatre and cabaret performance training; contemporary singer/song writer; barbershop and contemporary church music and in each case a profit was realised.
Service includes- advice re organisation, hiring technical staff at competitive rates, correspondence and organisation of overseas and national lecturers, negotiating honorariums and fees, suggestions re the best and most experienced lecturers, the most cost effective and efficient venues and myriad details to ensure a smoothly run event. Fees for such organisation are  extremely generous but more importantly she can be relied on for getting the job done through her company Unlimited Voice Productions.

For that special person with a desire to sing, Janice has a variety of Gift Vouchers available. Any number of lessons may be purchased with a one year time limit. Or perhaps that special fund raising raffle may carry a prize of a number of lessons. In any event, a gift voucher could open the way to a career in the performing arts.


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